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Origionally known as the 'McDonnell School of Irish Dancing', the school began in 1991 under the instruction of Rose O'Brien (ADCRG) and is one of the longest running Irish Dancing schools registered with An Coimisuin, here in Western Australia. The school became the the O'Brien Academy of Irish Dancing after Rose's two daughters, Annemarie and Martina transitioned from comeptitive dancers into Assistant Teachers.


Our Academy has developed and evolved over 25 years but has always remained true to our cause which is celebrating and promoting our irish culture and heritage through the medium of Irish Dance. Our goal is to create a family orientanted environment and cohesive bond within the families that are members of the academy to nourish our dancers abilities and talent. We believe that dance provides the platform for our students to learn to set and accomplish goals, learn that it takes hard work and practice to reach those goals and that success does not happen over night. History proves that students will have the opportunity to make life-long friendships and develop attributes that will serve them well throughout their lives both inside and outside of dance.


The O'Brien Academy has had many champions over the years in both solo and team competitions on a State, National and International level with dancers travelling to the Australian National Championship, North American Nationals and World Championships which is the highest level of competition.


The school has performed on TV, at corporate events, weddings and have also done many displays at festivals and private functions. Students also take part in yearly grade exams.


It is a testiment to the impact that Irish dancing has had on our Alumni students who return to dance and join the teaching staff to give back what they have learned and share their experiences.


Rose, Annemarie and Martina will continue to teach and develop their love of Irish dancing and would like to welcome yourself and your family to the O’Brien Academy of Irish Dancing.​

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